Food, Drinks, & Entertainment

Over the past decade Lyttelton and the harbour region has cemented itself as a food destination with many of the local cafes and restaurants sourcing local produce and products where ever possible. Here in the harbour basin you will not find any of the large franchise chains, and locals love that about Lyttelton.

Instead Lyttelton offers fresh local food across a range of budgets, styles and ambient settings. If you are a vegetarian, gluten intolerant or allergic to nuts - Lyttelton caters for a range of tastes and appetites.

Lyttelton is also known as a destination for great coffee. Even the seismic events of 2011 couldn't grind Lyttelton's coffee supply to a halt.  Within 24 hours of the February 2011 earthquake, Steve and the dedicated team of locals from the Lyttelton Coffee Company had established a pop up cafe outside the Lyttelton Library to provide free coffee for the people of Lyttelton.  This wasn't just a gesture a good will from one business owner, but rather provided the community with a meeting place, a chance to talk and be together.  A pure expression of Lyttelton - people gathering to share a coffee and chat.