Transport to and from Lyttelton

Arriving by cruise ship  

Shuttles will take you from the Cruise berth to either Christchurch, or to Lyttelton on Norwich Quay, where you can meet your tour operator, friends, or adventure around Lyttelton.

Pre-Booked Tours

Passengers who have pre-booked independent tours (this is all activities not booked directly with the onboard shorex team) departing Lyttelton can shuttle to Norwich Quay in Lyttelton to meet their tours or private transfers.

Meeting relatives and friends

There are free shuttles departing from the cruise berth which will drop you into Lyttelton and drop you on Norwich Quay.

Christchurch Gondola

Passengers who wish to travel to the Christchurch Gondola can take a pre-booked shore excursion directly from the cruise berth to the Gondola return. Some cruise ships may have a special Gondola shuttle service, while others may not. You can shuttle to Lyttelton from the Cruise Ship and bus to the Gondola using the number 8 bus. You can either purchase a single fare for the bus (cash only) which is valid for travel for 2 hours) or buy a day ticket here if you have chosen to shuttle to Lyttelton - see more information here:

Shuttle to Christchurch

Alternatively, passengers can take an affordable shuttle direct from the cruise berth into New Zealand's second largest city, Christchurch.  The shuttle is expected to cost $8-$15 return, depending on the cruise line.  The shuttle to Christchurch drops passengers off at The Bridge of Remembrance on Cashel Street. 


There will also be a day ticket for the local bus service which will be $10 a day, and there will a representative from the bus company - Metro on Norwich Quay in Lyttelton (if the cruise shuttle is taken to Lyttelton).


What can I expect if I visit Lyttelton?

Lyttelton is a small harbour community and is a great destination to pick up grocery supplies, grab a coffee or a drink and check out the small boutique shops.


8 Bus

Lyttelton is well served by the Metro Number 8 bus.  There are 6 stops in Lyttelton:

Coming through the tunnel from Christchurch town the bus stops are

  1. The bottom of Dublin Street
  2. Winchester Street outside the Union Church
  3. Oxford Street outside the school - just walk downhill and cross the road to visit the Information Centre.
  4. The Wharf for passengers coming or going to Diamond Harbour
  5. The bus then starts the journey back into Christchurch
  6. On Norwich Quay Leaving the Information centre walk down the hill and cross the road and turn right and you will see the bus shelter.
  7. Further along Norwich Quay outside Fisherman’s Wharf there is another bus shelter

Number 8 Bus Timetable

Diamond Harbour Ferry

To catch the ferry, turn left out of the Information Centre and walk down the hill.  Cross Norwich Quay and head straight on over the bridge and down the stairs to your left.

Follow the signs to the Ferry.

See the timetable: Diamond Harbour Ferry Timetable

155 Bus

This bus will take you to Ferrymead and you can then catch the Number 3 bus to Sumner or in the opposite direction to Christchurch City Centre, the Hospital and on out to the airport  .

If you stay on the 155 bus it will take you through to Eastgate where you can connect with the Orbiter and several other routes.

  155 Bus Timetable

   3 Bus Timetable

Complete  Metro Bus Network