Diamond Harbour Ferry

Why not spend a few hours in the very sunny village on the other side of Lyttelton Harbour.  Catch the ferry and stroll up the hill.

The Black Cat runs a ferry service From Lyttelton to Diamond Harbour and has been operating on Lyttelton Harbour since 1888. Black Cat’s ferry the Black Diamond was launched in May 2001 and was purpose built to operate as the new Diamond Harbour Ferry, replacing the historic Onawe.

To catch the ferry, turn left out of the Information Centre and walk down the hill.  Cross Norwich Quay and head straight on over the bridge and down the stairs to your left.

Follow the signs to the Ferry.

See the timetable: Diamond Harbour Ferry Timetable

The introduction of the new vessel has meant the journey time is reduced to around 8 minutes both arrival and return to Lyttelton coincide with the Number 8 Bus timetable

Payment is Cash, EFTPOS or Metro card. Bikes are allowed.

Diamond Harbour Ferry

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