Urumau Reserve and Loop Walk

Urumau Reserve (26 ha) is located on the prominent lava flow ridge that borders Lyttelton to the east.

The track is challenging, with some rocky sections that require some scrambling.

Descends steeply from Crater Rim to Lyttelton township, coming out at the northern end of Foster Terrace.

The Urumau Loop Walk

This is a shared mountain bike/walking track.  Depending on which route you take, you should allow between 3 and 4 hours.  If you want to see where you are going we would recommend you download the Alltrails App before you set out.

Leaving the Lyttelton Harbour Information Centre continue up Oxford St, past the old Lyttelton Gaol site. Turn right just after the playground into the driveway between the Norman Kirk Memorial Swimming Pool and playground and head towards the “Community Garden” sign. At the end of this drive is the Community Garage Sale. Ascend the metal stairs and walk through the Community Garden. At the top of the garden gate turn right and then almost immediately left into Stevenson’s Steep.

At the end of Stevensons Steep turn left onto Reserve Terrace and walk along the entire front boundary of “the Catholic and Dissenters” cemetery. Follow the steps at the far end of the cemetery marked “To Foster Terrace”. At the top of the steps turn left into Foster Terrace (which is not marked) and at the end of the cul-de-sac enter Urumau Reserve.

Once in the reserve take the steps up to the sign and follow the formed path upwards past the new plantings. Look for the Head to Head walking sign and take the left fork up on the walking track that leads through an open grassy area. At the top of the track turn left onto the 4WD track. Follow this track to the end of Urumau Reserve and carry on through Lyttelton Port Company land (notice the sign). Follow the walking track to the top of the ridge, and enjoy the view.  Re-trace your steps until you see a track on your right. The track twists and turns its way uphill for some distance. You will move into Department of Conservation reserve land.

Take the steep climb up the left hand side of the prominent rock. Once above the rock take the path directly up the hill. Look for the Crater Rim Walkway sign and follow the orange W markers up to the remains of the World War 1 gun emplacements. Once you’ve explored these walk down towards the fence line on the right of the emplacements and climb over the stile. Continue following the track and you will go over another couple of stiles and through a gate at the top.

After passing the radio site buildings join Broadleaf Lane (gravel road). Climb the stile and head down the road and then after about 60m turn left onto the grassy track and follow this as it loops down towards the Summit Road. There are two choices here:

The Major Hornbrook Track follow this all the way down into Lyttelton.


Turn left onto the summit road and wind your way along and under the Gondola.  You will see a stone shelter with covered seats that is a 1940 centennial memorial to the Pioneer Women of Canterbury. You then have a further choice to either go down the Bridle Path which is a gravel path, or down a well formed path down the Stan Helms track.  Whichever way you choose you will get back to Lyttelton for a well earned rest and refreshment.