Swimming Pool in Lyttelton

Lyttelton's only public swimming pool is enjoyed by the community, especially over the summer months when it attracts more than 7000 visitors.

  • Six-lane, 25-metre outdoor pool
  • Paddling pool.
  • The last entry to the pool is 15 minutes before closing - be ready to leave the facility by the closing time

2022/2023 Dates and times

Entry type

         Open hours

           Open dates

Season pass keyholder

         Mon to Sun 7am to 8pm

           12 November to 26 March

Casual pool user                 

         Mon to Sun 11.30am to 7pm

           12 November to 29 January    


Adult                                                                                                $6.70

Children under 16, or with a a Cando student ID card                     $3.80

Pre-School Child with parent or care giver 9-3 Mon – Fri               Free

Weekends and public holidays are excluded

Season pass

If you are interested in becoming a key holder, contact 03 941 8999 and have your credit card handy for payment, or visit the Lyttelton Service Desk at Lyttelton Library. 

For more information email NKMP@ccc.govt.nz

Fee type


Season pass key holder

$140 per household

End-of-season membership

$70 per household. Valid from 1 February to 26 March 2023

Replacement key

$50 fee for lost key replacement

Swimming Pool in Lyttelton

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