Port Walk

How often can you get so close to a port?  Why not spend an hour seeing different parts of it?

Leave the Lyttelton Harbour Information Centre turning right out of the door and turn right and head up Sumner Road.  Walk up this pavement until you reach the end where there is a barrier to stop you going any further.  Enjoy watching the activities down in the port.  Trucks, containers and ships being loaded and unloaded.  Perhaps a coal, log or container train will go by?  If you have come in to the Port by a cruise ship you will get a great view of your ship.

Retrace your steps back to the Information Centre.  Walking this way you will see all the other wharves, and the ships in port.

Head down Oxford Street and cross Norwich Quay.  Turn right and walk along the road.  You will probably see huge piles of logs waiting to be exported, and possibly trucks unloading and adding to the piles, or if they are loading logs onto the truck then there must be a ship in port being loaded.  Pass Fisherman’s Wharf restaurant, and at the end of the small Sutton Reserve  turn left down a path under an overhang and cross the road and walk towards the port and the railway line will be below you.  

At the bottom cross the road, and you will be able to see many other pieces of equipment used in the port.  Carry on and you will turn left down into Te Ana Marina.  Enjoy the marina area, and all the boats. At the end cross the road and turn left, you will see the Graving or Dry dock on your left.  Follow the path past the football field all the way to the sea and turn right into the Naval Point area.  

Retrace your steps, and just past Fisherman’s Wharf use the pedestrian crossing, and turn left when you have crossed the main road. Take the first right up Dublin Street, and then the first right and you will be on London Street.  Enjoy the many shops, cafes, bars and restaurants.

This is a fairly flat walk and is suitable for buggies.


Port Walk