Lyttelton Catholic and Public Cemetary

This cemetery is open at all times.

The cemetery is available for casket and ash interments in pre-purchased plots and second interments; however, due to the large amount of recent earthquake damage in the cemetery any future interments in the cemetery will be on a case by case basis.

This cemetery has a Returned Services Area.

The cemetery is located on a steep hillside and is divided into three sections, Catholic, Services and public (from north to south). The graves are terraced on the hillside tightly laid in a grid formation with concrete terracing and steps with paths dissecting the various sections. The cemetery has a variety of graves/ headstones from older Victorian style plots with covers or kerbing to newer memorial style, however the older style is more predominant.

There is a significant amount of earthquake damage in the cemetery.

There are only ash plots available in this cemetery.

Lyttelton Catholic and Public Cemetary

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