Lyttelton Anglican Cemetery

This Cemetery opened in 1850.  It is open at all times.

The cemetery is only available for casket and ash burials in pre-purchased plots and second interments. However due to the large amount of recent earthquake damage in the cemetery any future interments in the cemetery will be on a case by case basis.

This cemetery has reached capacity with room only for interments in pre-purchased burial or ash plots.

The cemetery is formal Victorian in style, although the formality is lessened due to the topography of the setting. There are views to the port and wider Lyttelton Harbour from higher elevations in the cemetery.

The original headstones and grave surrounds are traditional in character. The more modern headstones generally located on the lower elevations are smaller and more contemporary in style. There is a recent influenza memorial.

Most of the vegetation is confined to the east and west boundaries, and is comprised of ash, sycamore and oak with some conifer species. Some of these exotic broadleaf species extend into the cemetery informally either side of the main path.  

Lyttelton Anglican Cemetery

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