L) Albion Square

Walk to the corner of London and Canterbury Street and on your left you will find Albion Square which is a significant part of Lyttelton’s post-earthquake history. 

It was originally the site of the Albion Hotel, another historic building damaged during the 2010-11 earthquakes.

Albion Square developed as a project between the Christchurch City Council, the Lyttelton community, and landscape architects Boffa Miskell and was officially opened in 2014.

It was recognised that the township needed a modern, civic, community space that could serve multiple uses.

The square hosts a stage, seating area, play equipment, and green space with free wifi.   

A large stone building with a clock tower

Description automatically generated Albion Square is also now home to the town's Cenotaph for the great wars, which was relocated to the square from Simeon Quay after the earthquakes. 

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L) Albion Square