Jet Junkies

Jet Junkies provides on the water adrenaline fuelled entertainment for everyone. Our Jet Ski guided tours are sure to give everyone a thrill old or young.


The Jetpack is controlled by our dedicated 260HP Supercharged RXT-X Sea Doo Jet Ski associated through a hose to the pack, the water is siphoned from the ocean beneath you up to the spouts on the jetpack which gives the drive it needs to make you fly.

Jet Ski

The Jet Ski guided tours will always allow new riders time to gain the relevant skills to operate safely and enjoy their experience to the max.

Kayaks and Paddleboards

If you’d prefer a slower pace, hire a kayak or paddle boards and go bird watching and appreciating Lyttelton Harbour’s scenic beauty.

Jet Junkies

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