Henry Trading

Henry Trading has been in London St, Lyttelton since 2007. Maree Henry, proprietor and shopkeeper, is an integral part of the street, as she supports, and is supported by Lyttelton’s people. This community is connected and proud to be a little bit interesting - so is Henry Trading.

Maree’s magpie eye for objects and people alike means there is an honest sense of humanity in her curation of things. Local makers of all kinds find a place for their work here. Showcased in her gallery is the art of local artists. Their jewellery, socks, hats and music and their ceramics adorn the glass cabinets and shelves are wheeled out under the veranda to spend the day in the breeze with the bunting.

The artisans, mechanics, coffee makers, poets, real estate agents, bartenders, toddlers, day-outers and sundry shoppers all find themselves stopping by her place, to warm themselves with a truly lovely chat beneath the pressed tin ceiling. Those who shop here engage in the world of Henry Trading; the wares displayed and the atmosphere Maree has created.

Open 10-5 daily

Henry Trading

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