Hays bay to Church bay

Hays Bay to Church Bay

This short walk provides a link between the Charteris Bay Yacht Club and Black Point, without having to use the main road.

Start: Charteris Bay Yacht Club, Hays Bay.

Finish: Church Bay.

Time: 30 minutes one way.

Description:  Access the track from about halfway down the driveway into the Charteris Bay Yacht Club. The track meanders above the foreshore and boat sheds before reaching the beach at Hays Bay. Cross the beach to the steps on the far side and climb up to Black Point Rd.

To continue to Church Bay and the Coastal Cliffs Walkway, turn right and follow the road out to Marine Drive. Turn left at the intersection and walk carefully alongside the road for approximately 100 metres. Look for the H2H sign down a gravel driveway on the sea side of the road. Zigzag down between the houses into Church Bay and the start of the Coastal Cliffs Walkway.

Hays bay to Church bay

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