F) Number 3 Winchester Street

**Please be aware and respect that number 3 Winchester street is a private home** 

Return to Oxford St, turn left and cross the road into Winchester Street to view our next heritage building which will be on your left.

Dr William Draper, the ship surgeon on The Duke of Bronte, bought this land in 1851. He died from exposure and starvation two years later after being washed away while attempting to cross the Rangitata River. 

The house was built by a local blacksmith, John Derry in 1858.  Later, W.T. Lester, bought the house and lived in it with his family for 40 years. He was an undertaker and painter who went on to become Lyttelton Mayor for 3 terms.

The house illustrates the way of life for the colonial settlers to the region.  It has been restored following the earthquakes in near original form. The frame of the house is Baltic pine brought in as ballast on a ship and the bricks now lining the path are thought to be 'convict bricks' made overseas. 

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F) Number 3 Winchester Street