D) Lyttelton School

Follow Oxford Street further uphill and you will find yourself at the site of the modern Primary School.  The first school in Lyttelton called Lyttelton Borough School (pictured) was built in 1875 on the grounds next to and below the town's Gaol. This school also accommodated high school students between 1903 and 1940.

However, this building was demolished in 1941 and replaced with a new school, Lyttelton Main School which was completed in 1943. 

Lyttelton also had a smaller school, Lyttelton West, built in 1887 to service the other side of town which continued to be used until 2016.

Within the community there was competition between both schools as to which was considered the best.  However, they both received considerable damage in the earthquakes and for many years, education was held in various locations around Lyttelton.  The town was brought together when both schools were merged into one newly built school under the name of Lyttelton Primary School in 2016.  The school still caters for children at primary and intermediate levels.  Go to the next site Lyttelton Gaol

D) Lyttelton School