Coastal walk from Lyttelton to Pony Point Reserve

Coastal walk from Lyttelton to Pony Point Reserve

This is a fairly flat walk and can start from Lyttelton or the car parks at Corsair Bay or Cass Bay.  Both bays make excellent picnic spots, and have public toilets.

It is featured in a leaflet Lyttelton Town and Hill Walks available from the Lyttelton Information Centre

Directions from Information Centre

Head down Oxford Street and cross Norwich Quay.  Turn right onto Norwich Quay, pass Fisherman’s Wharf restaurant, and at the end of the small Sutton Reserve turn left down a path under an overhang and cross the road, and walk towards the port and the railway line will be below you.. 

At the bottom cross the road, and you are on the path to Te Ana Marina. Follow the footpath and walk through the marina area.  At the end cross the road and turn left,  you will see the Graving or Dry dock on your left.  Follow the path past the football field, all the way to the sea and turn right into the Naval Point area.  

Directions from Naval Point 

You can park near the yacht club at the end of Charlotte Jane Quay

Walk behind the yacht club and up a slight incline, follow the little track down to the left to the Torpedo Boat Museum and Magazine Bay which is a favourite swimming spot for locals.   Retrace your step up to the tack and you will see the remains of Fort Erskine on your right.

Continue a short distance up to the main track which will take you through to Corsair Bay. (There are toilets here)

When leaving Corsair Bay the track continues above the coastline and past a tiny beach. Keep on the coastal track along the top of the cliff and then down to the main Cass Bay beach. Walk across the beach and then go up the concrete boat ramp. Take the path to the right of the toilets and follow the coastal track to the left to take a narrow and winding climb up to Pony Point Reserve.. A lovely grassy area with picnic tables and benches surrounded by native plants and stunning views.

The carved pou depicts a culturally significant place for Maori.

Make a loop return to Cass Bay on the short and steep path through the trees, starting at the road end of the reserve.

Retrace your steps, and just pass Fisherman's Wharf on Norwich Quay use the pedestrian crossing, and turn left when you have crossed the main road.  Take the first right up Dublin Street and then the first right again and you will be on London Street.  Enjoy the many shops, cafes, bars and restaurants.

Coastal walk from Lyttelton to Pony Point Reserve