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Ballet for Adults - a creative and fun way to improve your balance, flexibility, posture, coordination and muscle strength whilst challenging your mind!

Classical ballet classes exclusively for adults of all ages and experience levels. Bosman Ballet Flow is a studio where you can start, continue or rediscover the joy of ballet. With classes catering for everyone from adults with no prior experience, adults at advanced proficiency level through to RAD Silver Swans, there is a class for everyone. Our focus is to make classical ballet inclusive and accessible for all. Set in a welcoming environment classes are relaxed and fun with the emphasis on developing individual expression within an “…oasis of calm, support and self-care”. Ballet is an excellent way to build strength, develop flexibility and enhance posture amongst countless other physical and emotional benefits. Classes take place throughout the year at three Christchurch locations.

There are three categories of ballet classes for adults with Bosman Ballet Flow:

Silver Swans:
No prior ballet experience or completion of Introduction Course required.
Studio and live on-line/Zoom classes available.

Adult Open Ballet:
All ages. Some prior ballet experience or completion of the Introduction Course preferred.
Studio and live on-line/Zoom classes available.

Ballet for Adults Introduction Course:
All ages. Suitable for absolute beginners.

Bosman Ballet

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