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Saturday wouldn't be Saturday without a visit to the Lyttelton Farmers Market. Open every Saturday morning from 10.00am to 1.00pm on London Street - Lyttelton's Main Shopping Street

lyttelton farmers market

Think Fresh. Think Local. Think Taste. Saturday would not be Saturday without a visit to the ever popular Lyttelton Farmers Market for your weekly foodie delights. Open every Saturday, regardless of the weather, from 10.00am to 1.00pm - right on London Street - Lyttelton's main shopping street.

The Lyttelton Farmers Market is possibly the region’s best food market. Now, you might go thinking we are being a little bias – but if you factor in the Lyttelton harbour scenery; with the friendly local people; and highly knowledgeable Vendors - our Farmers Market is hard to miss.

From free range eggs to organic vegetables or fresh fruit; through to pesto; bread; cheese; dressings; fresh fish; smoked eel or salmon; beef; venison; chocolate; baked delights; flowers; or plants – the list goes on and on.

Lyttelton Farmers Market is open every Saturday - regardless of the weather, to the delights of customers flocking to the unique and lively market.

For cooks, for food lovers, for every household – come on over to Lyttelton and enjoy the live music from our talented team of Lyttelton musicians; wrap your hands around a hot and freshly brewed coffee, grab a bite to eat, and simply enjoy the sights, sounds and delights of quite possibly the region’s best Farmers Market!

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