Orton Bradley Cafe

A short drive to the other side of the harbour lies another world. It’s a step back in time, a magical place where history is honoured, ambience reigns and the food and service is fit for a king.

Orton Bradley Café is a charming cottage garden café set in the heart of Orton Bradley Park – a New Zealand treasure.

People eat with their eyes first, so expect a stunning array of cabinet food, supported by a simple but well-considered menu which will change weekly, based on the whim of the kitchen team. Fresh, local and honest food is what it’s all about. House-made fresh WHOLEsome food is our mantra.

Keto, dairy-free, vegetarian, vegan, gluten free… all will be on offer. Fresh will be our keystone. Oh, and coffee – good coffee! And a cold ice cream.

Open Thursday to Sunday from 9am

Orton Bradley Cafe

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