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Lyttelton Reserves Management Committee

The Whakaraupo and Urumau Reserves and the Lyttelton Reserves Management Committee were established in 2005. The reserves fall under the administration of the Christchurch City Council and the Committee is responsible to the Lyttelton/Mount Herbert Community Board.

godley head overlooking harbourThe Lyttelton Reserves Management Committee meets on a regular basis to make decisions concerning the management of the reserves. In addition it organises weed control and planting programmes that include public and schools planting days along with programmes to support this planting including watering and releasing the young trees.

The Committee is also involved in track development and contributes to reserve management plans.

We are always looking for new people to join our network of friends and associates. If you are interested in the work of the committee or if you would like to help, please contact us. All work qualifies for Lyttelton Time bank credits.


Name: Wendy Everingham
Telephone: +64 03 328 9093

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Urumau Reserve

To the East of Lyttelton overlooking the town and Whakaraupo harbour lies Urumau reserve.

This reserve, which covers 26 hectares, is located on the prominent lava flow ridge that encloses Lyttelton on its eastern border. It is less rugged than Whakaraupo, and is a good place for picnics and walking. It is bounded on its northern boundary by a block of land owned by Lyttelton Port Company and on its eastern and southern sides by Sumner Road.

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Whakaraupo Reserve

The Whakaraupo reserve occupies a spectacular site to the West of Lyttelton overlooking the town and Whakaraupo harbour.

It covers approximately 87 hectares. The steep slopes, bluffs, rocky spurs and gullies are generally south-facing.

On three sides of the reserve are other Christchurch City Council reserves – The Tors, the HMS Steadfast block, Castle Rock Reserve, and Heathcote Valley and Mt Cavendish Reserves. Below the southern boundary the land is under freehold tenure. The historic Bridle Path track marks the Eastern boundary and the Summit Road the northern boundary.

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