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The Banks Peninsula Community Board represents almost 8,500 people and some 3,470 households. This is a brand new ward in 2016 and now it represents the entire Peninsula. Communities include  Lyttelton, Diamond Harbour, Governors Bay, Port Levy, Little River, Akaroa and all the small settlements aroud the harbours.

The Current Community Board members are listed on the Christchurch City Council Website

The Board is supported by the Community Board Support Team which provides advice to the Board and ensures that the Board has the information it needs to assist it in making decisions. It arranges board meetings and produces agendas for those meetings. The Team also provides information to people who want to come and speak to the Board.

The Banks Peninsula Community Board meet twice every month. The main meeting is held on the Monday of the second week of each month, and this is when most of the community business is done. Then in the fourth  week of each month, the Banks Peninsula Community Board hold a short meeting, mainly to confirm the meeting minutes so when the report goes to the Council it is up to date and reflects the community‚Äôs current concerns.

Banks Peninsula Community Board Meeting Schedule:

When:  Monthly on the Monday of the second week of the month at the various Penisula settlements. Venues change monthly. Best to refer them to the CCC website for up to date info.

Time: Start 1pm

Where: Meetings rotate between the Lyttelton Community Board Room 25 Cantrerbury St Lyttelton, Little River and Akaroa.

Anyone can attend these Community Board Meetings.

Anyone can talk to the Community Board about any matter of community interest for up to ten minutes at the beginning of either meeting.  To make a time to be heard at one of the Lyttelton Mt Herbert Community Board meetings, please phone Liz Carter, Community Board Advisor on 03 941 5682 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  24hrs prior to the meeting to make an appointment.

For more information visit the Christchurch City Council Banks Peninsula Community Board webpage

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